Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Many Hats of Motherhood

Motherhood is a neverending challenge that involves juggling many roles and there are days where I feel like I could use a cloning machine.  Mamas wear many, many, hats, and we are constantly taking one hat off and donning another.  Sometimes, when life is a little crazy, we may be wearing multiple hats at once.

The other day I caught myself daydreaming.  What if I had a cloning machine?  If I did, here's how I would delegate duties to the copies of myself:

Play clone: this copy of myself would just play with toddler K.  We would build spaceships with our Legos, draw superheroes during art, and read lots, and lots, and LOTS of books.

Nurturing clone: this copy would nurse baby O whenever she was hungry, make sure she got lots of tummy time, and take her on lots of walks to see the world.

Chef clone:
 this clone would cook fabulous meals, make amazing desserts, and make sure everyone was eating nutritious meals.  ALL the time.  The fridge and pantry would always be stocked with great food and the kitchen would be spotless.

Housekeeping clone: this copy would make sure that the house was clean enough.  Not ridiculously clean, but cleaned to the specifications of my OCDs (don't even get me started on how I can't walk past my kitchen sink if there are dirty dishes piled up in it).  The clone would make sure laundry was done on a regular basis and that the toddler always had a clean set of backup sheets for his bed (we're still working on night potty training).

Workout clone: this clone would make sure I got 10,000 steps registered on my Fitbit every single day.  It would also make sure I was on track with my run/walk program towards my first 5K postpartum.

Crafting clone: this clone would make sure I got 20-30 minutes of creativity in.  Maybe work a little on a scrapbook page or make a little card to send to a friend to let him/her know that "I'm thinking of you."

Loving clone: this is the copy my husband would appreciate the most.  This clone would make sure to greet hubby as soon as he got home.  She would make a fabulous gourmet dinner which we would eat after the kids had been put to bed, and then we would enjoy the rest of the evening to ourselves...

Pop! (that's the sound of my fantasy bubble busting...)

I would love it if I could perform to the level of all seven of these imaginary clones, but the reality is I can't.  I can do anything, but I can't do everything.  I have to remind my type A personality that motherhood is no contest and that I'm doing the best I can every single day.  My husband is my cheerleader and my wingman in this crazy world of parenthood.

But some days, I am my sole cheerleader and I have to tell myself that I'm awesome.

If you could clone yourself, how many copies would you need to attain perfection?  How many hats do you wear?  Do you push yourself for you or for others?


  1. I am having de'ja vu, I thought I has commented on this earlier, but i guess not lol
    This is a good picture of how many different hats we where as moms and wives :) I want a clone to take care of my cats and do all my around the house projects that need completing!

    1. Karen, you've mentioned before thinking you posted a comment but it didn't stick...it has me a little worried about Blogger. I would want a clone to take care of my cats, too, if I were you, considering how many cats you have!!

  2. Not a mom yet but I can relate to the sentiment of wanting a clone some days! Cute idea.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sarah Jean! Mom or not, I'm sure everyone could use a cloning machine!!!

  3. This post cracks me up! Isn't it so true!


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