Saturday, March 28, 2015

Back to Running + Meal Planning

I think this week may be the week: the beginning of my return to running!  When I had my first child, I never really got back to running so this time I've made a commitment to myself to try a little harder.  To give me a little push and reason to get moving, I've signed up for a half-marathon in October.  Although the race is six months away, I want to be both physically and mentally ready, so I want to be confident with my running well before October.

Ever since Baby O turned two months old and nursing was well established, I've been thinking, hoping, praying, dreaming of my return to running.  During my irregular stroller walks with Baby O, I've thought maybe tomorrow will be the day I'll break into a little run-walk and be on my way to running again.  It's been a small obsession of mine since late January.

Well guess what?  I believe that day has finally arrived.  All I'm committed to right now is run-walking, but I know I'll eventually work my way back to solid running if I slowly increase my running mileage week by week.

Monday: 3 mile walk

Tuesday: 4.5 mile walk

Wednesday: rest day

Thursday: 2 mile walk/run + 3.25 mile walk (total: 5.25 miles)

Friday: 2 mile walk/run + 2.6 mile walk (total: 4.6 miles)

Saturday: 2 mile walk/run (Solo run -- no stroller!)

Meal Planning

In addition to getting back to running, I'm feeling ready to get back to meal planning, as well.  Hubby's going to be out of town several nights this week, so lunch & dinner will be pretty simple:

Saturday - Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs, Lemon-Garlic Shrimp Kabobs, and Veggies

Sunday - Cowboy Spaghetti and Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Monday - leftovers

Tuesday - baked salmon and roasted broccoli

Wednesday - Taco Soup

Thursday - leftovers

Friday - dine out

Want more meal planning ideas?

A big thanks to the meal planning hostesses, Laura from Mommy Run Fast and Jill from Fitness, Health, and Happiness.  I love linking up every Sunday to share my meal plan and to get new ideas for future meals...


  1. Congrats on getting back to running! I'm only 14 weeks pregnant and I'm already looking forward to the day when I can really push myself again :) Good luck with the half marathon training! That is an awesome goal!

    The cowboy spaghetti sounds delicious; I'll have to remember that one!

    1. Good luck with your pregnancy! We're trying the cowboy spaghetti for the first time tonight -- the hubby will have it over pasta, I'm going to have mine over a roasted sweet potato. I'll try and report back next week on if it was good or not.

  2. Congrats on getting back into running! It feels great doesn't it! I love salmon and roasted broccoli. Roasting it with a little garlic is so yummy!! Have a terrific week!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jennifer (although I always think of you as trihardmama) -- I agree salmon with a little garlic is always delicious!!

  3. I am so glad you are back to running!!! What an accomplishment! Cowboy Spaghetti looks amazing! Have you had it before??? I might need to give that a try, if it isn't too many points, that is! Have a great week :)

    1. Sandy, thanks for the encouragement.

      We made the cowboy spaghetti for the first time Sunday night. Hubby says put it in the weekly rotation! It's definitely an indulgence... it would be up there in the Weight Watchers points system, for sure.


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