Friday, March 27, 2015

A Perfect Day

Happy Friday, friends!  Thursday was the most perfect day.  I was beaming all day.  I kept thinking, somebody pinch me!  How can today be so perfect?  I hope my happy story launches you into a perfect weekend...

A beautiful morning walk on Thursday.  It snowed on Wednesday.  Yeah.  Seriously.  It was in the 70s on Monday & Tuesday and then some weird weather system swept in Tuesday night and we woke up to light snow.  It ended up snowing all day, but Thursday morning I was able to get out around 9am and it was 65F and sunny and pretty much all the snow had melted, as if Wednesday had never happened.

Chocolate disguised as art.  I know, I'm always posting about chocolate.  But seeing as it was my birthday last week, the birthday presents continue to trickle in.  I came home from my morning walk to find this beautiful box of chocolates on my doorstep.  My brother and sister know me too well.

Crafting with my son.  Lately, my husband has been making dinner, and when Baby O is asleep, my son and I sneak into the office and do a little crafting together.  He draws/cuts/pastes while I scrapbook.  I've been making some good progress on my scrapbooking lately!  My goal is to capture at least two layouts every month as Baby O continues to grow.  I did most of my son's scrapbook well after he was a year old and it's hard to capture things if you don't document them right away.

Hoping to plant a garden.  Last summer was our first summer in Colorado and I really wanted to plant a garden but we didn't do enough research.  This year, I've signed up for a seminar on planting in raised garden beds.  I can't wait to find out tips specific to Colorado!  I'll keep you posted on whether we do any gardening this summer.

What's on your spring/summer wish list?  What's your idea of a perfect day?  Have you had one lately?


  1. That does sound like an amazing day!! What a great idea to take a seminar on gardening. The biggest grocery store chain here is doing a promotion where you get a teeny tiny pot with a seed in it for every 10,- you spend, so we've amassed tons of seeds like leeks, tomatoes, celery, strawberries ... everyone is going crazy for them!! Only problem: we have no idea where to even but soil for when they need to be repotted! haha

    1. I really hope the seminar is useful and we plant something this summer!

  2. My perfect day includes some time spent outside, a little blogging time, time with my kids, and time in the kitchen! My daughter loves to craft too. I love how kids can be so imaginative with just a few supplies. :)

    1. Time outside is always wonderful! I agree with your perfect day... time in the kitchen is something I hope to have more of in the near future!


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