Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Day in the Life with a 3 Month Old

Life with a baby is like a box of chocolates: you have no idea what the day ahead holds for you!  Some days I'll make tentative plans (let's go to botanical gardens!) only to change them mid-morning (let's stay home and nap together!).  It has definitely been an adjustment for me and my Type A personality.

When I decided early Tuesday morning that I was going to document the day for "A Day in the Life" post, I had no idea that today was going to go so...well.  Not perfect, but we had a better than average day.  Come read about my almost perfect day with Baby O!  And there will be food shots involved, thanks to the What I Ate Wednesday linkup with Jenn.

4am: Baby O wakes up for second feeding of the night.  I had trouble falling asleep after the earlier feeding and lost two hours of sleep in the middle of the night, so I am exhausted.  I nurse Baby O and then hand her off to hubby so that I can go back to sleep, in anticipation of the next feeding happening around 6am.

6am: it's not Baby O but Toddler K who wakes us up at 6am.  He wants to get out of bed.  I take him back to his room and ask him to stay there until I come to get him because it is still "nighttime" and he can't be up and about without his parents.

7am: hubby has gotten up, showered, gotten Toddler K dressed and has left for work (without the toddler).  Around 7:20am Toddler K comes to my room, "Mama, the sun is up, it's time to wake up!" I agree and stumble out of bed to get dressed and eat a little breakfast before Baby O wakes up.  The entire time I'm making breakfast and eating it, I'm wondering why is she still sleeping?!  Breakfast is a frittata with cheese and grape tomatoes.  And Mother's Milk Tea, of course.

7:50am: Baby O finally wakes up.  I do a happy dance because she slept for 3 hours and some change.  In the next hour, I nurse her, change her, pack Toddler K's lunchbox, get us all suited up to go outside in 20F+ weather.  It's a miracle that we leave the house by 8:45am.

9:30am: I've dropped off the toddler at his Montessori school.  I love my son but he's at that age right now where he needs the socialization and order of school and I need him to be at school -- I don't know how other moms do it, taking care of an infant and a toddler.  I think I'd lose my mind!  

It's 26 degrees outside and I really need to do something active today, so Baby O and I go to the mall to get some exercise.

Have you ever visited your mall before the stores open?  I LOVED it!  With barely anybody there, I was able to get a brisk walk in and while I did my laps, I exchanged congratulatory smiles with other power walkers striding around the mall (and yes, you could tell who was there to walk).
I ended up doing four laps which totalled two miles!  If I had walked outside, I would have done three miles during my normal route, so two miles at the mall ain't half bad.

10:30am: the other thing I love about our mall is that they have a nursing room!  I nurse Baby O in privacy and then we leave for the grocery store.

11:30am: we return home with groceries, including food for dinner.  Since Baby O is snoozing in her carseat, I make my lunch (leftover steak with salad greens), which I eat while I prepare the marinade for our dinner: Brown Sugar & Bourbon Glazed Salmon.  This is my first time making this recipe; I hope it's good!

12:30pm: Baby O is still sleeping!  I do a little blogging and check some email while nibbling on a little dark chocolate.  I also clean my pumping supplies...a never ending task (like washing the dishes).

1:30pm: Baby O wakes up.  I nurse her, change her diaper, and we play for a good half hour.  She really enjoys playing in front of the mirror.  I think she's convinced that it's another baby in the mirror and she has taken to smiling at the other baby (who promptly smiles back).

3pm: Baby O is swaddled and asleep in her nursery.  I update the sleep log I'm keeping as part of the sleep training that we're so committed to.  Then I lay down to try and nap myself.

4:15pm: Baby O is up and down every 15 minutes from 3-4pm, which means I get no real sleep.  Frustrated, I get up to begin prepping dinner.  While I prep, I snack on some almond-rice crackers with Boursin cheese (I like the one with pepper in it) and a handful of almonds.

5pm: so wouldn't you know it, as soon as I decided to begin prepping dinner, Baby O falls deep asleep and doesn't stir for the next hour.  I get a text from the hubby that he will be home with the toddler by 5:30, so I move forward with getting dinner ready.

This is my first time cooking (and eating) rainbow chard.  I find an easy recipe online and finish dinner just time for us to eat...

6pm: dinner is done!  Annie's Mac & Cheese for the toddler.  The Brown Sugar & Bourbon Glazed Salmon is delicious with the rice pilaf and rainbow chard.  My husband can't stop raving about the rainbow chard and we agree that it is our favorite new vegetable.  I love the salmon, but my husband is just so-so about it, which I'm not too surprised about; he just doesn't love fish.

And...Baby O is still sleeping.  It's three hours going on four, if you count the 3-4pm hour of "sleep".  We debate whether or not to wake up the baby and decide against it.

6:30pm: A little art for my son and I while my husband clears the table and loads the dishwasher.  My son is at that age where he asks me to draw some elaborate things, most of which I can't.  So, I draw the few things I can draw...  (and Baby O is still asleep).

7pm: I wake up Baby O.  It's been four hours, I'm at that point that if I don't nurse, I'll have to pump, and Murphy's Law of Breastfeeding states that if you pump, the baby will wake up 15 minutes after you finish pumping.

While I nurse, hubby gives Toddler K a bath, a story, and a tuck into bed.

8:15pm: I've nursed Baby O, changed her diaper, and we've played for a good bit of time.  Within the hour she is yawning and gets cranky - her signs that she's ready to go back to sleep.  I swaddle her and debate with my husband if we are in for a long night: will Baby O wake up more often because she slept so long from 3-7pm? 

I'm finishing this post and heading to bed in anticipation of what could be a long night with multiple wakenings.  If it's anything like a normal night, Baby O will sleep for five to six hours before waking.  My fingers are crossed that we nurse at 2am and 5am, which is our typical feeding times these days.

Do you prefer a predictable schedule or do you enjoy flying by the seat of your pants?  Are you a spontaneous person or a planner?


  1. Gah I want to say a 10000 and 1 things to this post and I have to go take the nugget outside for chalk time but I HEART YOU SO MUCH! Such a wonderful post <3

    1. From one mama to another, I TOTALLY understand. Take nugget outside for chalk time! Kiddos come first, right?

  2. I am tried from reading this!! It's good you are getting some longer stretches of sleep, but the super early wake ups are so rough...
    Your eggs looks so good and so did dinner! You should have a cooking show :)
    The mall sounds like it is a great place top stop until its warm out :) I have done the mall early way back in the day when my son was little, it's wonderful how peaceful it is. As he got older he loved to kick back in a wagon with a pillow, and I would pull him for walks when it was nice out.

    1. Hi Karen! Thanks for the compliments on my food photos. My hubby no longer thinks I'm a weirdo, snapping photos of all our meals just before we dig in.

      I like the idea of a wagon with a pillow -- never did that with the older one, but maybe baby #2 will enjoy it!

  3. I most definitely thought I already wrote out a comment for this post! A bit late, but nonetheless - it really looks like you guys are getting a solid routine down! Yay :) You know -I have never been to a mall to walk. In fact, I don't even know where to find a mall in the Netherlands.

    Yvann is the same way with the drawings - he always requests such things that I can't imagine how to draw! I managed to create a tractor with a few rectangles and circles and he was content for a day before requesting a space ship, sheep, bunny rabbit, and etc.

    1. No malls in Netherlands? Interesting. Well I think the quaint shops are much more fun, although you have to go outside to frequent those shops. Thanks for stopping by Yuliya -- I always love hearing from you...

  4. I do the mall walking in the winter as well! Then of course end with a little shopping once the stores open up!! Your meals look great! I need to try my eggs like that, it looks yummy!

    1. That is the catch with walking the mall -- it's hard for someone like me to NOT want to buy something before I leave.

  5. I do the mall walking in the winter as well! Then of course end with a little shopping once the stores open up!! Your meals look great! I need to try my eggs like that, it looks yummy!


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