Saturday, January 24, 2015

Exercise & Meal Plans: January 2015, Week 4

This weekend, I hit a major milestone!!  I went out alone without my baby.  Dear husband offered to watch both kids so that I could go out and get my haircut.  A much needed haircut.  It was wonderful.  I got to sit in a chair, and get taken care of for two whole hours.


Food-wise, this week was awesome.  Unlike the previous week, my husband and I were able to cook quite a few dinners together and they were delicious meals.  But before we get to the meals and recipes, let's review my exercise for the week.

Exercise for January Week 3

I started off the week well, but the second half of the week was not. so. good.  As I write this (on Saturday afternoon), I've realized that I haven't walked since Tuesday, so I'm planning to take a walk later this afternoon.  Here's what the week looked like, workout-wise, with a snapshot from my Fitbit showing the number of steps and number of miles covered:

Sunday - 30 minute walk
Monday - 30 minute walk
Tuesday - walked the mall (1.75 miles!)
Wednesday - no exercise
Thursday - no exercise
Friday - no exercise
Saturday - 30 minute walk

Fitbit goal a year ago: 15,000 steps / day
Current Fitbit goal: 5,000 steps / day
Target Fitbit goal for mid February: 7,500 steps/day
The weatherman has promised warmer weather this coming week, so I'm hoping to get more walks in this week.  I'm also looking into a Baby & Mama yoga class this week, so I'll let you know next weekend if this happens.

Meal Plan for January 25-31

We had some great finds this week, like an easy Red Thai Curry with Chicken and Vegetables, thanks to this post from A Girl Named Jo.  The recipe is so easy and adaptable, it's definitely going into rotation (we're making it again on Monday!).

Sunday - shrimp scampi with zucchini noodles

Monday - red Thai curry with chicken and vegetables

Tuesday - frittata with green salad

Wednesday - dining out

Thursday - spicy beef stir fry with bok choy

Friday - Roman-style chicken with wild rice and roasted broccoli

Saturday - fish en papillote

Want more meal planning ideas?

A big thanks to the meal planning hostesses, Laura from Mommy Run Fast and Jill from Fitness, Health, and Happiness.  Check out their pages for more ideas and other bloggers meal plans!!

Do you have a recipe like the red Thai curry that can easily be adapted to include any mixture of vegetables or protein of choice?


  1. Mmm, your frittata looks awesome and so does the stir fry! Great job getting out for your walks and YAY for a child free hair cut! That reminds me that I desperately need to get mine cut, too!

    1. Yes, I think the frittata and stir fry will be regulars in my meal planning, i'll just make adaptations to what goes into each of them!!

  2. I need to try to make a frittata, they are so delicous! Nice job, everything seems to be going pretty well!

    1. Janelle, frittatas are SOOO easy. Definitely add to your future meal planning!

  3. The first time I left my baby was to get my hair done as well! I was so nervous but it felt so wonderful. Great job on getting out and walking. Glad you are enjoying the Red Thai Curry.

    1. Yes, and thanks again for inspiring me to make the red Thai curry!

  4. So sweet of your husband offering to watch both kids. I'd love to see your new do. I'm sure it looks gorgeous on you :)

  5. Mom day out! Yay! Your frittata looks delicious. I love how you use your fitbit data consistently.

  6. What a sweet hubby :) It's nice he was willing to let you have some "me" time. I am excited to see you are getting some walks in! We will be rebuilding together :) I know I have been negative Nelly in my blogs, but I promise to keep trying to post progress.

  7. You have reminded me that I need to put my fitbit back on and give myself a goal! Thanks!


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