Monday, December 1, 2014

Things I Plan to Repeat with Baby #2

It's December!  Yikes!  I have three short weeks remaining until baby #2 is scheduled to arrive (12/19 is THE date for my c-section).  This past Thanksgiving weekend, my husband and I started to freak out just a little bit about how the due date has snuck up on us.  Although we had a good scare earlier in November, when we were told that the baby could come early, now that another month has passed and nothing traumatic has happened, we're now holding out hope that baby girl will stay put until the c-section.

With so few weeks left, nesting instincts have set in.  For me, that means lots of laundry, lots of organizing of baby things, and lots of thinking: what does taking care of a newborn involve again?!

I went through old photos of when we brought our first baby home and what a walk down memory lane!  Here's a list of all the things I we plan to repeat with baby #2...

1. Breastfeeding.  It was tougher than I expected it to be, but I am fully committed to nursing baby #2 for as long as possible.  I made it exactly one year + a few weeks with baby K, so I hope to do the same with baby #2...

2. Swaddling.  My husband and I watched the DVD version of Happiest Baby on the Block.  Although some of the other techniques like shushing and white noise didn't work too well for us, swaddling definitely worked.  I've found all the old swaddles and washed them.  They are ready!!

3. Wearing baby.  I wasn't able to carry my son the first two weeks or so -- he was too little to lay comfortably in any of the three baby carriers I had (yes, I was so determined to carry my baby I bought three different carriers).  Once he was big enough, I tried to wear my baby as much as possible.  I didn't wear him around the house as much as I thought I would, but I did wear him alot when we were out of the house.

4. Bottle feedings.   Try is the operative word.  For whatever reason, baby #1 did not take to the bottle.  We think it was because we weren't consistent with giving the baby the bottle.  We waited the recommended period (I think it was 4-6 weeks of nursing before introducing the bottle?) and then we gave baby #1 the bottle sporadically.  Once or twice on the weekends, and then nothing for a day or two, and then we'd remember, oh yeah, we need to give him the bottle.  We'll be more regular about it with baby #2.

5. Encouraging thumb sucking.  My father was so against us allowing our son to suck his thumb, but I ignored his concerns as I had read several supportive articles that suggested that sucking one's thumb was a perfectly acceptable way to self-soothe.  And time did tell!  We never had need for a pacifier, and my son, who is now three and a half, only sucks his thumb on rare occasion, and only to help himself to sleep now and again.

6. Join a new mom support group.  I found that joining a lactation support group and a few mom groups really helped, especially with the first six months of motherhood.  We moved to a new city when I was eight months pregnant, so I also had to make new friends, and these support groups were my new friends.

6. Cloth diapers.  While I was still pregnant, I tried to do as much research as possible on cloth diapers.  Despite all my efforts, I was still thoroughly confused.  Part of the confusion was that I didn't find any truly comprehensive sites on the Internet.  It turned out that I didn't have the energy to deal with cloth diapers for the first three months -- I was too sleep deprived.  But I met a few moms through my various support groups who helped me sort out my confusion with cloth diapers, and around the time my son was five months old, I knew what I wanted to use: pocket diapers.  I even laundered them at home, and opted to not use a diaper laundry service. 

7. Get outdoors with baby.  My husband and I are active people and lovers of the outdoors.  I took my son for many walks in his jogger stroller, and by the time he was seven or eight months old, we were hiking with him in a baby carrier.

If you are a mom, what choices do you remember making with your newborn child?


  1. I came to read this post and looked to the right and see that on Instagram you are announcing your baby girls arrival!! I guess she had other plans, no staying put until the C-section. Congratulations to your family! I am heading to Instagram to follow you, so that I can get a sneak peek of the baby before she makes it to the blog! Take Care!

    1. Sandra - you have sharp eyes!! I had planned to post more pictures on Instagram, but lack of sleep prevented me from putting much out there. I've just posted a quick update on the early arrival. Thanks for the well wishes!!

  2. I love your list! I think we have very similar parenting views :) Swaddling was also a life saver for us! It helped so much to make nights calmer. My son would always escape when we just tried swadddling with a blanket though, so we got a few swaddlemes and they were amazing!

    We also had the same elephant fleece sleeper thing for Y. I recently went through all of our baby gear to let my sister in law borrow and between seeing those tiny clothes and reading your pregnancy posts, I am getting about a million times more anxious to get our house done so we can have another one. Haha, for now, I'm settling for reading your posts ;)

  3. Your son was so cute when he was little :) I love getting out for walks and hikes when my son was little. I am glad you haven't had any more ear;y arrival scares. It is hard to believe it's Dec. already. A mom group will be great :)

    1. Silly me, I must not have seen your Thursday post about your little bundle of joy when I posted this.


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