Thursday, December 11, 2014

Postpartum Happiness

With my first child, I suffered a bit of the postpartum blues.  This time around, with baby O, I've been pretty happy.  

It's been nine days since Baby O was born, and my husband commented, wow, mama, you're looking pretty happy these days...

Knock on wood.

What might be the reason for my postpartum happiness?  Let me deliberate and share my thoughts at Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud, a link-up hosted by Amanda from Running with Spoons.  Thanks for hosting, Amanda!!

1. It's my second time around as a mother.  Half my stress with the first baby was due to not knowing what to do.  I didn't realize how woefully unprepared I was until we were into the thick of things.  This time, I'm taking things in stride... mostly because I actually know what I'm doing this time around.

2. My husband is home for most of December.  Another good reason to have a baby in December: my husband has been able to finagle his work schedule to do more work from home.  In addition to the two weeks of paternity leave my husband is granted, he has managed to clear alot of his meetings and/or attend meetings from home which means he is home for more than the two weeks of paternity.

3. I get along with my mother in law.  I get along with my husband's mother better than I get along with my own mother.  There.  I said it.  Unusual?  Not sure.  But seeing as my mother-in-law is a little more willing to make the trek from the East Coast to Colorado to see us, I don't think that's a bad thing.  My MIL changed her travel plans after Baby O decided to grace us her with her presence three weeks early.  So instead of being with us from December 17 through New Year's, my MIL is with us for the entire month of December.  Home-cooked meals for a whole month.  I'm feeling pretty lucky!!!

4. I'm getting a kick out of seeing my son and daughter together.  There's something to be said about seeing your kids together for the first time.

5. It's holiday season!!  What better time to have a newborn than right before Christmas and New Year's?  Everyone is in a good mood, there's lots to celebrate, and there are so many fun activities to look forward to.  I've got no shortage of reasons to get out of the house with baby or celebrate at home.

All in all, I'm really really happy despite lack of sleep, nursing the baby every 2-3 hours (it does seem to overwhelm one's schedule when you have to drop everything and feed the baby that often), and giving up my kitchen for a whole month.  Small prices to pay for having so many people at home with me.  I don't know what I'm going to do when January rolls around and my husband returns to his regular work schedule and my mother-in-law has to leave.  By that point, Baby O will be over a month old and hopefully I can start focusing on getting into a regular workout routine or something to distract me from the fact that the holidays are over and I'll have the entire house to myself for most of the day.

Do you experience the blues when the holidays are over?  What do you do to cope?


  1. I am so happy to read this! That's wonderful, and your joy is contagious. :) The hubs and I have been discussing having a second child, but I had a little PPD with the first. Part of me feels like I couldn't go through it again, but another part of me thinks I deserve to do it again because I didn't truly enjoy the early time as much as I should or could have. I want a do-over! haha

    1. A do-over. That's funny. I can understand your hesitation to have a second child if you had a little PPD with the first. I have a friend who suffered from PPD and it was hard to watch. Whatever you choose, I hope it works out...

  2. That picture of both of your kids is adorable! I'm glad that you are having such a good postpartum.

    1. Thanks Leslie! I'm hoping my happy days last...

  3. You look so good Marnie :) and God Bless a sweet MIL to cook for you and be a help to you. It's nice knowing what to expect and your kiddos look so happy. Who can tell what the hormones will do, but if you don't feel alone that's half the battle, right. I remember that first baby feeling overwhelmed and scared feeling. Glad to hear the second time around is better!

    1. Thanks Karen! And yes, I agree with you, who can tell what the hormones will do -- I should enjoy this happy time as long as it lasts... I'm sure there will be ups and downs. I was also overwhelmed with the first baby. So many things to keep track of - feedings, diapers, naps, and you have to do it all while you're sleep deprived!!


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