Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Life with a Newborn: Four Weeks In

Happy New Year's Eve!  I'm linking up with Jenn from Peas & Crayons on this last day of 2014 to share my eats annnnnd give you a peek into what one day in our new life with Baby O is like.  Mind you, no two days are alike.  But here's how our last Tuesday of 2014 went, and no surprise, alot of my day centered around food: making it, eating it, cleaning up after it.  Right now we have lots of help with the newborn, but in another two weeks, I'll be solo, so I'm enjoying home-cooked meals while I can!

Here's Baby O at four weeks, in her usual state: sleeping.  Unlike her older brother, she spends alot of time sleeping.  And occasionally eating.  But mostly sleeping.  She definitely takes after my side of the family:

7:45am - I wake up, look at my watch to see how late in the morning I've slept in.  Two and a half hours of uninterrupted sleep!  Thank you hubby for taking Baby O for the last stretch of the night.  I jump out of bed (ok, maybe I dragged myself out of bed) and check in with husband and baby in the nusery.  They are both asleep.  I take advantage of this rare moment of "me" time to take a shower, and then blend up breakfast: a smoothie!

8:45am - by this hour, the three year old has been woken up, dressed, and given breakfast.  I nursed Baby O while watching toddler eat.  Husband showered, dressed, packed toddler's lunch for a last day at Montessori this year (goodbye 2014!), and then the two of them are out the door and off in a flash.  I wash my pumping supplies...

9:45am - the first load of laundry of the day is in the works (and it may be the only load of the day).  Since Baby O is sleeping soundly, I spend a little time visiting blogs to see what everyone is up to the day before New Year's Eve.  Then I take five minutes for an "at home spa moment": a little serum, face tonic, my favorite lotions... makeup?  Nah...  (See my dry shampoo over to the right?  An essential for new moms.  Take note, moms-to-be!)

10:45am - Baby O is still sleeping.  I think I'll make this sausage potato pie (from Pinch of Yum) for lunch while we still have help around the house.  I don't know if I'll be doing much complicated cooking when it's just me and the newborn, so I have to enjoy being able to cook while I can.
While I'm cooking, I snack on these sweet & spicy nuts I've been eating all month...

11:45am - sausage potato pie is in the oven!  I am starving!  When will the pie be ready?  In the meanwhile, my mother-in-law is making Greek cookies... And it's time to nurse Baby O again (after a miraculous three hour stretch!)
12:45pm - ahhh lunch!  We throw together a salad from what's in the fridge (romaine, baby spinach, arugula, and baby greens with pear, goat cheese, and pecans), the sausage potato pie, and the Greek cookies!!

1:45pm - hubby worked a half day today and when he gets home just after lunch, he asks if anyone is up for a trip to the mall.  After being home all day I'm up for a trip to the mall!  But first, it's time to nurse Baby O for the third time today.  At the mall I indulge in some waffle fries:

2:45pm - we finish up at the mall and make a necessary trip to Target.  After we shop, I have to nurse Baby O.  Fourth feeding of the day.

3:45pm - having finished all shopping errands, we head off to pick up our son from Montessori.  Why is my son making that face?  Because he doesn't want to wait his turn for the computer. :-(

4:45pm - it's time for a little post-school snack (apples) and coloring at the dinner table while my mother-in-law finishes another wonderful meal!  Somewhere in this hour I nurse Baby O for the fifth time today.

5:45pm - dinner time!  We eat dinner a little early these days because I try and get to bed around 7/8pm.  It's been rough going these nights... if I'm lucky, between the tag-teaming that my husband and I are trying out, I get 5-6 hours of sleep total.  Every night is different.  But back to dinner:

6:45pm - tea time... and some last minutes of time alone before I get ready for bed and prepare Baby O for her bedtime.  We've just started a sleep "routine" to get Baby O used to the idea of bedtime.  This is only day three and I can tell you that so far it hasn't been very successful.  But we're going to keep trying.

Are you still counting?  Around 7[m is the sixth nursing event of the day.  And there will be at least one or two more.  One around 9/10pm and possibly one around midnight.  It is totally normal to feed a newborn 7-8 times a day.  Yes, she is that hungry.  All the time.

I won't bore you with the fun we have between midnight and 8am...let's just say there's alot of waking up and walking around after feedings, and often a three-hour stretch where Baby O is wiiiiide awake.

Happy New Year to you!  I'll be partying it up with Baby O somewhere around midnight tonight.  Maybe I'll watch Times Square while I'm at it.

What will you be doing on New Year's Eve?


  1. Pear and goat cheese is one of my favorite salad combos! All of your food looks wonderful as usual. :) I'll be at a friend's house ringing in the new year. Have a great night! Happy New Year's Eve!

    1. Leslie, I am definitely experimenting with my salads... it's one way I'm trying to get my diet a little more varied these days.

  2. That sausage potato pie looked amazing! Happy New Year! I remember feeling so grateful when the stretches of sleep for my babies got longer.

    1. The sausage potato pie is delicious and easy to make. I think I'll be experimenting with the ingredients in the near future as we continue to make this recipe...

  3. Happy New Year!!!! Your food all looks great and I seriously love that sausage pie from pinch of yum :) Baby O and your son are so cute! I had to laugh at the face your son is making because he has to wait - so cute! My son has about zero patience.

    Good luck with nursing (and sleeping)! It sounds like you guys have a good routine of sorts going!

    1. Thanks Yuliya, and happy New Year to you too! I'm guessing you've made the sausage pie, too? I had to cut back the amount of shredded potato - it didn't all fit in the pie pan.

      Thanks for the luck -- I'll need it for the nursing and sleeping. Not getting much sleep these days.

  4. First, I have to say that both of your kiddos are adorable! Your daughter looks so peaceful and your son and that face, too cute!!

    Second, that sausage and potato pie looks amazing. I am slightly jealous of it, that is the diet talking :)

    Happy New Year! Cheers to more sleep!!!!


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