Monday, December 22, 2014

A Holiday Weekend + Sleep!

What a holiday weekend!  In my last post, I hinted that the first two weeks at home with a newborn have been blissfully happy (sleep! lots of help! a predictable schedule!)...

Well, this weekend marked the end of the third week with Baby O and all predictability has gone out of our schedule.  I have a feeling that if I don't come up with a plan for blog posts, many of my future posts are going to go out late in the day... sigh.

That's not to say we didn't have some fun sprinkled through the weekend.  But Saturday I was not the nicest person in the world.

We'll get to that.


I think our visitors (mother-in-law and partner) have now figured out that you can tell what the day will be like just from the way my husband and I appear in the kitchen each morning.  Are we alert and smiling?  Or do we slog into the kitchen after 9am with our eyes closed and a crease between our eyebrows?

Friday we woke up happy and relatively rested.

We started our day with a late brunch at one of our favorite brunch places, Devil's Food Bakery & Cookery.  Lots of good eats, and a tempting pastry layout which you have to stare at while you wait for a seat:
After a looong brunch, we headed over to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science so that the three year old could have his turn at fun:


In contrast, on Saturday, I woke up feeling discombobulated - what day was it? - and spent the entire day in my pajamas:

Thank goodness I had these two happy faces to keep me smiling:

I think my Saturday went something like this: wake up at 9am, eat breakfast, go back to sleep with baby for much of the middle of the day, late lunch around 2 or 3pm, back to bed for another nap.  While I was doing all that sleeping, my husband did his best to spend lots of time with our son:

 When I finally woke up from my day of slumber, I found dinner ready (thank you mother-in-law!!):

And the opening of one Christmas present:
Despite all those peaceful happy looking pictures, I did have a minor meltdown before my afternoon nap.  My son was running around asking me 101 questions and I was trying to get the kitchen somewhat clean (what does your kitchen look like when there are four different people cooking around the clock?!), and I was sleep deprived, and well... you probably get the picture.


Baby O slept like a champ on Saturday night, stretching the break between feedings from 2 hours to 3 hours.  I woke up Sunday morning feeling like a new person!  We went exploring around downtown Denver, checking out Union Station and the Tattered Cover Bookstore:

Then we went home for afternoon naps and recharging before heading out one more time for the Zoo Lights at the Denver Zoo.  The weather cooperated... it was in the high 40s and despite the crowds, we were able to walk through the entire zoo in less than two hours.

Towards the end of our walk around the zoo, it started raining so we dashed home.  That night the rain turned into snow and Monday morning greeted us with the following view:

How was your weekend?  Was it packed with lots of holiday activities?


  1. I LOVE the zoo lights!! I wish we had something like that around here, my kids would love that! Crossing my fingers that you have more days like Friday and Sunday than like Saturday!! I had a minor meltdown yesterday just with everything going on for the holidays and some very rowdy children, I can't imagine throwing a newborn into the mix!! Take care!

    1. Thanks Sandy! We are also hoping for more days like Friday and Sunday although I do enjoy just hanging out at home now and again. Getting out and about does exhaust me.

      This was our first year at the Denver Zoo's light show and I was pretty impressed. I've seen zoo lights in Oakland (California) and Charleston (South Carolina). I think the Charleston Zoo Lights are pretty impressive, too...

  2. Looks like a fun (for the most part) weekend! I'm glad you were able to catch up on some much needed sleep. You have such a fantastic husband. He really does seem like such a hands-on father as well. These are the moments in life you will remember forever! I'm sure your son really enjoyed visiting the museum as well. :) Happy almost Christmas!!

    1. Yes, for the most part. :-)

      My husband is definitely a huge help. And this second time around, he's alot more in tune with what I need from him, so we've been doing well in working together, especially at night, when baby isn't sleeping.

      Happy almost Christmas to you too!

  3. It sounds like you had a great (minus Saturday meltdown) weekend! I love looking at lights and the zoo looks so neat! I had a jam packed holiday weekend filled with Christmas crafts, cookies, and time with friends..

    1. We did, Leslie! I've been enjoying reading about your weekend and fun!

  4. My 4th baby was born in April and the first two weeks were easy peasy...3rd week, O.M.G. Horrifying. Good luck!


    1. Ha! It sounds like you know what I'm experiencing!


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