Friday, November 14, 2014

I Survived The Polar Vortex!

So the end of the week is here and I survived four days of sub-20 degree weather.  It is supposed to get up to the low 40s today, before dipping back down to 25 on Saturday.

The last couple of Fridays, I've been celebrating the highlights of each week.  Four weeks ago, I celebrated the beautiful fall weather, and three weeks ago, I celebrated making it to 32 weeks of pregnancy.  Then last Friday, I learned that I might deliver early.

Now that we are mentally prepared for a possible early delivery, I am back to celebrating the highlights of the week.  Have a happy Friday!!

Baking.  Mid-week I had a craving for walnut chocolate chip cookies.  So I decided to bake.  It was cozy having the oven on for an hour and it smelled delicious in the house!  I even froze some of the cookie dough so that we can enjoy some fresh baked cookies at a later time.

Letter writing.  I'm probably the last person on earth who still writes letters.  I do use email occasionally, but I love to keep in touch with my friends by sending a letter now and again on beautiful stationery.

Thursday is the New Friday.  When we're up for going out for dinner, we try not to go out on Friday night.  Usually the husband is exhausted from the week, and it seems that everyone is going out on Friday night, so there's usually a wait, no matter where you go.  We went out for dinner Thursday night despite it being 12F outside.  It was a great way to celebrate that we were almost at the end of the week.

Did you have a good week?  What are you celebrating?


  1. That's awesome that you still send letters. That is so fun! I love going out to a nice dinner during the week. It feels like a great treat and a great way to break up a busy week! We are heading out in the cold for a couple of football games this weekend. Hopefully we will be celebrating victories. :)

    1. Stay bundled up and warm at the football games this weekend!

  2. How are you feeling today? I like your pretty paper choices. I want some cookies! Snow lol seems so early. It's 39 degrees here today and windy,and it will be about the same for my run tomorrow, should be interesting lol

    1. LOL. I will have to send you a package of cookies one of these days. I'm sure I could do it!

      I am feeling OK and going to the doctor twice a week for fetal monitoring...continuing to keep our fingers crossed that the baby doesn't want to come out early!

    2. I am glad baby is staying calm and waiting :)


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