Friday, October 24, 2014

Celebrating the Week: Me Time

I am well overdue for a pregnancy update, the last one having been posted over a month ago.  I'm at week 32 which means I am only eight weeks away from temporary surrender of my freedom (as I know it) and that means I am trying to savor every day, every moment of "me" time that I can find.

With my three year old son at Montessori school five days a week, I am able to find loads of time for myself -- even if that "me" time involves things like laundry and washing dishes.  Seemingly mundane activities like chores seem awesome if you can do them without the constraint of a toddler or infant only moments away from needing to pull you away from something you may already not want to do.  So for the five or six Fridays, I am going to try and celebrate the happy moments of the week.  Because I'm sure I'll be looking back at these posts fondly come January.

A beautiful week of fall weather and walks.  Thanks to some recent Fitbit challenges, I've been trying to get out and walk more and the weather here in Colorado has definitely been cooperating, so I've had no excuse but to get outside and move.  It's tank top weather people!  It's wonderful!

Crossword puzzles.  I've been enjoying crossword puzzles lately.  It's a fad, but I'm enjoying it all the same...  The best part?  I do them on my smartphone...a great way to kill time when I'm waiting...

Watching old movies.  My husband's out of town all week so I have complete rule over the television programming at night after little K goes to bed.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching Julie & Julia for the fifth time earlier this week.  I love that this movie is about blogging and food.

Watching new movies.  Mid-week I decided to go see Gone Girl.  I read the book last year and when I heard people saying the movie was as good as (if not better) than the book, I knew I had to go see it.  The other bonus of seeing a matinee on a Wednesday?  It cost all of $5!!

Halloween starts early this year.  I'm looking forward to Friday night -- we're taking our son to the local outdoor mall for some Halloween festivities!

What were some highlights from your week?


  1. Marnie, I love that you love Julie and Julie; that is one of my FAVES! The book is great, too. I'm also glad to hear you enjoyed Gone Girl; I loved the movie, as well! Hope you have a super-fun weekend and enjoy all of your "me" time; I'm sure, in just a few weeks, your time is going to be ALL about someone else. :) Great post!

    1. I have to admit I haven't read the book, but I should! I always find books more enjoyable than the movies, although Gone Girl did a pretty good job getting movie to be almost as good as the book (OK, maybe it was a bit better in that the story was a bit neater in the movie than in the book).

  2. I am reading Gone Girl now :) I saw the movie first and had no idea what to expect and love all the twists and turn in the story- Amy is scary crazy! Love your path for walks - beautiful!

    1. Amy is scary crazy! I hope I never meet anyone remotely like her.


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