Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Day in the Life: When Hubby's Away

Happy Wednesday, friends!  This Wednesday, I'm linking up with Jenn from Peas and Crayons, the queen of link up parties with her What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) series.
I'm sharing eats from Tuesday along with events from the day.  My husband is out of town this week - his third week in a row of business trips.  When my husband is out of town, I try and mix it up a little -- more eating out and more time away from the house so that it doesn't feel as lonely at home.

6:45am - I wake up and shortly after, I hear my son waking up (thanks baby monitor!).  We get up, get dressed, and get out the door.

7:45am - we have breakfast at the local bagel shop (a chain).  For those of you who know, I try to eat Paleo as much as possible, but once in awhile, I splurge.  Eating the whole bagel was probably not a good idea; I felt a little off afterwards.  Next up, we make a stop at our local healthcare clinic.  My son wears hearing aids and every once in a while, we need an emergency fix.  Fortunately, our audiologist allows us to do drop-bys for small jobs.  Today I need his hearing aids glued back together.
8:45am - hearing aids repaired, I drop my son off at Montessori school.  I love his school!  We started school when my son was two, and attending school has helped my son socially, which is really important given his personality and his hearing loss.
9:45am - a load of laundry into the wash, some vacuuming, and I head out for a walk before the day gets too hot.  When I need motivation to walk, I walk to the local Starbucks (a little less than 2 miles away), get a treat, and then walk back.  My treat?  An iced caramel macchiato with half the number of pumps of syrup (trying to keep my sugar intake low).
10:45am - back from my walk, I'm happy, because my Fitbit mileage has been a bit low lately.  7,000 additional steps just like that!  I like to listen to audiobooks when I walk, and right now I'm reading The Secret Place by Tana French.
11:45am - time to make lunch!  My favorite part of my day... I make lunch and then eat it while watching one or two of my favorite cooking shows.  Lunch is a HUGE salad with homemade dressing (made with Penzey spices!) and leftover chicken from dinner the other night.

12:45pm - clean up after lunch, another load of laundry, and some bills.  No photo necessary...

1:45pm - naptime!  I try to nap around this time every day because my son still naps and on the weekends, I try and nap when he naps.  Again, no photo neccessary.  :-)

3:45pm - I end up napping for an hour and a half today and then get up and shower... it's kinda weird, but I find it easier to shower mid-afternoon so I can blow out my hair when my son is at school (I only wash my hair every two-three days).

4:45pm - an afternoon snack of apple and I get a few more things done at home before heading out to pick up my son from school.
5:45pm - we're at the library... it's always a good after-school option, especially when my husband is out of town.  Then it's out to dinner... a night away from cooking for mama.  My son is a pretty picky eater these days (didn't use to be the case), so we go somewhere he can enjoy a hot dog.  I have a burger, but lose the top bun to minimize the amount of bread I eat.

Rest of the day - we get home around 7pm, head straight for the bath, brush teeth, read a book, and my son's in bed by 8pm.  Without my husband home, I'm free to watch whatever I want on TV so I indulge in a couple of epidsodes of International House Hunters, then sit down for some reading at 9pm.  Lights out somewhere around 10....

Do you have a spouse that travels for work?  Or do you travel for work?  How does this change the dynamics of your household?


  1. Oh my gosh!!! Your son is so cute!!!! And his school looks lovely! It's great that you're able to get the rest you need. I remember being absolutely exhausted pretty much all of the 9 months. And your burger also looks so tasty! I want one now, but we already ate dinner.

    1. My son's Montessori school is so spacious and well organized. We were really blessed to find them. And I am glad to be able to get so much rest. I am counting my lucky stars that I don't have to work!

    2. Yea, it would be rough. On the other hand, I'm also worried about how another pregnancy would go because I already have my son. So it still seems like you have your hands full with a toddler - I mean they can be really demanding bosses ;) Have you seen the world's toughest job video, actually:

    3. I am a bit scared, too, about baby #2 with a toddler on my hands, but I know it will help that my son will be at school 5 days a week. We are working on getting family out here for the first 2-4 weeks of new baby's life, as the beginning is always the hardest!

      I hadn't seen this you tube video, thanks for sharing!


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