Monday, July 7, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 14 Weeks

14 weeks pregnant.  6.27.2014.

Another holiday weekend has come and gone.  We are back from North Carolina and, while missing all the wonderful family we spent time with, I am happy to be back at home.

While we were away some of our backyard plants died.  Darn.  I guess I didn't figured out the right watering system.  I thought the sprinklers would take care of the potted plants, but that didn't work.

Other things that happened while we were on vacation:

My morning sickness is pretty much gone.  Good timing, too, or it might have put a damper on my vacation.

I rediscovered a love for coffee.  Iced, however.  And no sugar.  Just some milk.

We ate lots of homemade Greek food.  It was delicious.  And a nice change from the food I've been eating here in Colorado.  It made me realize I've been in somewhat of a food rut since April.  I've got to keep up some variety when cooking.

We watched lots of World Cup soccer.  I'm not really a soccer fan, but when you're in a house full of soccer fanatics, it's hard not to get caught up.

I've been a little inconsistent with my blogging thanks to the morning sickness, but this vacation (and the absence of morning sickness) has helped with the spirit and my health.  I plan to get back into regular blogging and I hope to catch up with all my wonderful blogger friends whom I've missed dearly for the last several weeks.

Two more months of summer are left here in Denver!  I'm working on putting a list together of things I want to do before the wonderful heat and sunny skies turn to cooler weather.  Better get cracking!

How has your summer been shaping up?  What's the most exciting summer thing you've done so far?  What exciting summer plans do you have left?


  1. You look so beautiful!! So glad to hear you are feeling some relief from the morning sickness. Greek food sounds so yummy, glad you had a nice trip. Work, work, work this new job is at a new Tech Center so we are opening from the ground up, exciting and lots of work and lots to learn.

    1. Thanks Karen! I feel SO good I almost can't believe how awful my four-week stint of morning sickness was. I feel like a BRAND new person. It's so weird.

      I love hearing about your work situation; glad you found a new job so quickly and I hope you make some great friends there!

  2. That's fantastic that you are feeling better!! I'm also looking forward to reading your posts when you get back to it :)

    Also, Greek food sounds awesome!

    Our summer has been stressful and boring :) We're probably going to go on a long weekend away sometime soonish which will be nice.

    1. I am SO sorry about your stressful and boring summer. I read your latest post and almost wanted to cry for you. At least you've got blogging to "take you away" from it all, right?

      I am looking forward to getting back to posting too. Now that I feel good again, I am raring to go and get some fun posts out!

    2. Thank you for your kind words. We definitely didn't expect for it to take quite so long, especially as not having our own place is really impacting our other life plans. We know it will work out soon though, and then we'll have a nice home, just later than expected. Blogging is definitely a fun distraction in the meantime :)

      I'm sure a lot of people will be glad to read your new content!

    3. I agree it really is awful when we planners make plans and then others sideline those plans ;->

      I can tell you and your husband are planners. You are making plans to overcome your first set of plans getting derailed. Glad you are staying positive!

  3. You are the cutest preggo chick! Tiny baby bump! I'm glad your morning sickness is better. :)

    So far this summer has been low key and fun. Lots of sports, friends, and fun, but nothing crazy. I'm looking forward to my bachelorette weekend at the end of this month.

    1. Thanks! I'm tiny now... wait until I hit the 3rd trimester.

      Bachelorette weekend sounds fun! Can't wait to hear more about it.


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