Monday, June 16, 2014

Easy Weekend

Although it was Father's Day weekend, we kept our schedule simple and easy.  We spent alot of time at home, working on this and that project, and snuck out for a few meals.  Because of my morning sickness, I'm still not cooking very much so we continue our trend of eating out.  I think my favorite meal of the weekend was a nice big bowl of ramen from one of our favorite Japanese restaurants... and I'm choosing that ramen over what I had at the nice restaurant we went to for Father's Day!  That's saying something about my eating mindset right now.

I hope your weekend was a good one too!


  1. What a cutie with donuts for dad :) Enjoy meals out and rest! No fun cleaning the kitchen when you don't feel well.

  2. I can't blame you for loving that ramen! It looks delicious! Your son is such a little cutie!


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