Thursday, April 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday

It's Throwback Thursday!  I love seeing all the TBT posts on Instagram, and I thought it would be fun to look back at where I've been the last few years...time sure does fly when you're a mama!

This year (aka yesterday).  My husband's out of town this week for business, so it's just me and my little guy.  We went for a coffee date yesterday morning because I was sick of our usual routine of breakfast at home.  Our nearest coffee shop is always full of people headed to work, so it makes for a fun place to sit and people watch.  Photo taken 4/9/2014.

One year ago.  Last April, we were packing up our beautiful Northern California house and getting ready to move to Denver, Colorado.  Little did I know that this move from one state to another was going to be a tough adjustment for my son (more on that another time!)  Just for the record, I'm sick of moving.  Photo taken 4/9/13.

Two years ago.  Little K was nine months old.  Nursing was getting old, but I made a commitment to hang in there until he turned one before weaning him.  I miss the gals in this photo...we're all mamas who decided to have our kids a little later in in post 35!  Photo taken 4/7/2012.

Three years ago.  Seven (or eight?) months pregnant!  And...getting ready to move from San Diego to Northern California.  Have you noticed a trend?  We've moved during the month of April twice in the last three years -- I hope we don't repeat this anytime soon.  This move three years ago worked out perfectly: instead of working right up until my delivery date, I gave notice at my San Diego job (because we were moving away), and got to spend the last two months of my pregnancy nesting.  It was pure prenatal bliss.  Photo taken 4/10/2011.

Do you ever look back and reflect?  Is April a big month (birthdays or anniversaries) for you?

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