Monday, April 14, 2014

Small Running Victories

I've been working on my running for about a month now.  It's funny to think that a mere two months ago I had proclaimed to the world that walking was my new fitness of choice.  Guess that didn't last long!

Week-to-Week Run Progress
March 16-22: ran 5 miles, walked 12 miles
March 23-29: ran 9 miles, walked 5 miles
March 30-April 5: ran 14 miles, walked 8 miles
April 6-12: ran 12.5 miles, walked 7.75 miles

 To celebrate one month of running, here are my small running victories:

Running Victory #1: Finding Inspiration
Running blogs and Instagram have been my main sources of inspiration.  I've been trying to participate as much as possible in RunThisYear's #RTY April Instagram challenge, which has kept me running!  I've also been seeking out blogs authored by fellow runners -- their stories about training, running gear, races and more keep me motivated to get out and join the others for a run.  Deb from One Mother of A Day inspired me to share my running story (in case you missed it!)

Running Victory #2: Cross-Training and Rest Days
This past week, I ran pretty far two consecutive days and when I woke up on day three, I got out of bed and I knew: my legs were tired.  Just going up and down the stairs was exhausting.  So I took the day easy and went for an easy bike ride (it helped that it was 70F and gorgeous outside).

Running Victory #3: Rotating the Shoes
I've started rotating my running shoes!  This was a practice I picked up the two years I ran the San Diego Marathon (that was four years ago!)  I loved how it came so naturally to me to start rotating my shoes once my running frequency picked up.

Running Victory #4: Creating New Playlists
When my workouts were 100% walking, I listened to audiobooks most of the time, but now that I'm running, I like to listen to music because it's energizing and helps me keep moving.  I was listening to old playlists from last August, and after a few weeks of running, I knew it was time to make create a few new playlists.  Right now I'm listening to alot of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis as well as Lorde.

Running Victory #5: Using the Foam Roller
I was surprised when, in my second consecutive week of running when I felt a tightness in my IT band.  I knew what I needed to fix it...but it took awhile to locate the good 'ol foam roller.  Once I found it and started using it only then did I recall that using the foam roller can be painful before it starts feeling good.  But totally worth it!

Have you had any running victories lately, big or small?


  1. For those of you checking back on your comments from earlier:
    I want to apologize to those of you who left lovely comments at today's post... I had a little error with managing my blog just before the lunch hour today and managed to delete all your comments (and my replies!). #newbloggerlessons #pleasecomeback

    1. I've done that before too!! great job on bringing the mileage up :) I love your view! What a pretty pace you live in.

    2. Karen, thanks for understanding about my comments getting erased. Yes, the views in Colorado are pretty amazing with those mountains in the background.

  2. I just bought another pair of Mizuno's so that I could rotate!

    1. I hope you see benefits in rotating your pairs of running shoes! I used to mark the mileage on the outside of my running shoe boxes so that I knew when to buy a new pair (after 500 miles).

  3. I'm sorry about the comments being erased! I'll replace :)

    Your weather is gorgeous! Bike riding there looks like it would be a lot of fun plus beautiful scenery.

    Your shoes are awesome! I forgot to mention in my first comment that I also didn't realise you needed to rotate running shoes.

    Your background is new right? I really like it!

    1. Yuliya, thanks for being so understanding. I couldn't believe I wiped the comments for today's posts (and a few other earlier posts -- sigh). The scenery in Colorado is pretty stunning. You always have the mountains off in the distance.

      You don't have to rotate running shoes... only if you run often, and I'm sure the definition of "often" is different for every runner.

      Yes, my blog background has changed recently - thanks for noticing!


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