Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Fabric and leather samples coming out of my ears thanks to our home remodel...

It's only Tuesday and this week has not been like all the others.

Maybe it's because we started the week off with a really late return home after a wonderful three day weekend away.

Maybe it's because it's week THREE of home renovations (almost there!) and I just want my house back.

Or maybe it's because I didn't get my exercise in on Monday and my body just needs a chance to shake it all out!

Whatever the case, here is where I am currently:

- Obsessed with the mystery around Malaysia Airline Flight 370
- Upset that my Fitbit One seems to be conking out.  I believe it is time to contact Customer Service.  Let's hope it doesn't take weeks to get a new Fitbit One.
- Bracing myself for some snow this morning.  Denver weather has a definite pattern: if it gets above 65F on any given winter day, you can bet it's going to snow the next day.  We're supposed to get a little bit of powder before lunch today.
- Reconsidering getting back into running, even after my recent declaration that I am a walker.
- Completely obsessed with almond butter.  I have to have it every day and it's not complete without an apple.
- Itching to try out my new cycling shoes... I've been putting a focus on the walking & running, so I haven't had time to get out on my bike!
- Ready to make this week better by getting back on track with healthy eating, lots of exercise, and checking items off my never-ending to do list!

My new cycling shoes.  My last pair were black.  They're so clean I don't want to get 'em dirty!

My current obsession: fuji apples with almond butter.

It was 75F last Wednesday!!!  Don't tell me it's going to snow today.

How is your week going?  Is Spring in the air where you live or are you also still suffering with some cold, cold weather?


  1. Good luck with the renovations! We are just trying to buy a house that we will be fixing up ourselves and I am so nervous for all of the work!
    And my son and I are both pretty obsessed with almond butter - it's a good thing to be obsessed with in my opinion :)

    1. Yuliya, I am so excited for you and your plans to buy a house that you will remodel. It's a fun journey. It will be great to read about how it goes in another country, like Holland!

    2. Haha, thanks. I hope it will be moderately interesting because at this point it seems like a ridiculous amount of paperwork. While stressful, it's also pretty boring. Do you still have to wait long for your renovations to be done?

      Oh, and those cycling shoes look awesome!

    3. Yuliya, I don't want to discourage you, but here was our timeline for renovations: June 2013 - we bought our house. July 2014 - we started discussions with an interior decorator (that was a big decision to get one, but we decided to make the investment). August 2014 - we moved into our house. Late September 2014 - the contractor replaced all the floors on the main level of our house (we have three levels). October through January: nothing much happened. February to now 2014: everything happening at once, we will have an updated living room, dining room, and office when we are done. We're going to save up more money and then renovate our master bathroom sometime in the next 12months....

    4. That's not discouraging at all! Honestly, it's pretty good - my in laws have been renovating their home for over five years and they are still not done! It's crazy, and we are scared of that - that we'd start building a family home, only to finish it once the kids are out of the house (like my mother and step-father in law). We are actually pretty lucky though because hubby's father has a construction company so they will be installing everything themselves (floors, windows, etc). That's letting us save so much money, but on the other hand, it's going to take much longer because we aren't hiring people. The house itself is not even livable yet - there is no heating, no running water, and the floors are crooked. It's ridiculous - if you want to walk from the living room to the kitchen, it's like climbing a small hill. So, that has to be straightened out. We are just literally paying for a plot of land and a frame of a house. Haha. Hubby says he is going to try to get those major problems fixed within six months so we can move in, but... I doubt that will happen. We'll see :)

    5. Yuliya, I can see why you are not discouraged. Why, sounds like you have a lot of secondhand experience and another example of what to do / try not to do? Good luck with closing on the house and I hope we hear more about your house renovations when you get to that point.

  2. I am also obsessed with Almond Butter! I have it in my smoothies daily and use it in tons of recipes!

    Good luck with all your home renovations. It will ultimately be SO worth it!! :)

    1. Thanks! I am excited about the home renovations and can't wait to share them in the near future.


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