Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Fitbit Report: 2/4/14

I increased my total steps this week by almost 20,000 steps.  Another jump: I increased my mileage by 6 miles over the previous week.  I think I just need to go on vacation more often; our trip to San Francisco over the past weekend meant lots of walking on Friday and Saturday.  It rained Sunday, so I didn't get as much walking in.  Stay tuned for a few future posts featuring the fun we had in the city by the bay...

Workouts for the Week
Monday - walk 4.5 miles
Tuesday - spin bike 49 minutes
Wednesday - walk 3 miles
Thursday - travel day
Friday - elliptical machine 30 minutes + tourist walking (total of 22K steps!)
Saturday - tourist walking (total of 22K steps again!)
Sunday - rainy day, rest day

And a few workout highlights from my week....

Spin on Tuesday
We have a second hand spin bike in our basement.  Here's the view from my spin bike.  Right now I'm into musicals (think Chicago, Moulin Rouge, etc.) but I also enjoy watching foreign films with the subtitles (it's almost impossible to hear dialogue over the whirr of the spin bike).  Eventually I'll move onto actual spin DVDs!!

It took 49 minutes on the spin bike to get rom 1,167 steps to 5,000 steps.  I guess because of the motion of cycling, I covered all of 1.5 miles.  If I had walked, I could have covered over 3 miles (or 6,000 steps) in the same amount of time.  On the positive side, I guess the Fitbit recognizes cycling is harder because I got 49 active minutes out of my bike ride!

Serious Mileage While Walking as a Tourist
I managed to score over 22,000 steps on Friday and Saturday!  I usual average around 12,000-15,000 steps a day.  This has catapulted me in the rankings where I "compete" with other Fitbit users, most of whom I've never met in person; they are just other fit-minded folks I've found on MyFitnessPal who are also Fitbit users.  It's been a great support network!

Here's where I was on Tuesday, January 28th: ranked 4th!

And by the end of the day, Saturday, February 2nd, I had moved into 3rd place!  Whoo hoo!

I am seriously thinking about picking up running again (I declared I was a Runner turned Walker a few weeks ago), but I have to say, with the consistent walking I've been doing since December, walking a 5K four or five times a week combined with healthy eating has really kept my weight in check.

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