Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Library

The library is one of my favorite places to go with my son.  My son loves to be read to and we cycle through books pretty quickly.  As he approaches his second birthday, I've noticed that he gravitates towards certain subjects.  Recent favorite topics include dinosaurs, robots, and astronauts.  Favorites from the past year have included trucks, cars, and buses.

I also love the library!  With our recent move from California to Colorado, I've noticed a huge difference in the variety of media available at our new local library compared to the library we had access to in California.  I don't know if our old library was atypical of Bay Area libraries, but I have found that comparatively, our Colorado library has a much better variety when it comes to new books and DVDs.  My Netflix subscription has reason to be scared!

My favorite subjects right now include home improvement and toddlers (not in combination, of course).  We're waiting to close on our new house -- we bought it knowing we would be making some improvements to the house -- so my husband and I are scouring magazines, books, and HGTV to get ideas for how to renovate our house.

The space at the library is also pretty amazing.  There's a separate play space and reading room for the kids.  I usually grab a couple of magazines and then grab a seat on a comfy couch while my son plays with other kids or sits down with a book or a puzzle and we just hang out for a little while.  A great way to spend an afternoon...

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