Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It Snows in April in Denver

My husband has already started his new job in Colorado.  I take him to the airport every Sunday evening, he flies out out to Colorado, and returns Thursday evening.  Until we all move out to Colorado, I'm a single parent four days out of the week.  I don't know how single parents do it -- I'm in awe.

It snowed in Denver all day today and he sent me the picture above to share the moment.  I looked at my phone, dumbstruck, thinking "It's going to reach a high of 75 today in the Bay Area.  And I'm about to move to another state where it could snow in April.  Heavily."

I lived in Boston for five years (college and then a bonus year of actual employment in Beantown) and I got to experience snow, but that was...different.  During the four years of college, my "commute" involved moving about campus with occasional trips by bus or train into Boston downtown.  Other than the one year of work after college, I haven't really had to deal with snow, and I don't have alot of experience driving in it.

I'm still excited about moving to Colorado, but I'm sure this time next year, when it's April and a snowstorm hits, I'll be dreaming of the view off our soon-to-be-old-California-home, where it might be 75, sunny, and a perfect day for a little sunbathing:

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