Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bidding You All Adieu

The time has come for me to put aside blogging.  I don't know how long I'll be away, so let's just assume that I may not be blogging at SuperSmartMama ever again.  After much debate, I've decided there isn't enough time right now for me to blog regularly, so I'll continue to contribute to the blogosphere -- as a reader.

I'll miss sharing my little corner of the world, but don't fret, I'll still be out there visiting blogs and leaving comments.  So keep on posting and keep on sharing what's going on in your world!

The blogging community has provided me ideas, motivation, thoughtful discussion, and most important for a stay-at-home mom: community.

So thank you, bloggers, for putting yourself out there and sharing all wonderful words with all of us.  And thank you, readers, for visiting my blog, sharing your thoughts, and allowing me a wonderful virtual world where I could find a few moments every day to have adult conversations.  It has been wonderful to exercise my brain beyond the world of babies and toddlers.

Blog on!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Run a 5K with Baby

This weekend, I ran my first 5K post-baby and I ran it with my little one in the jogger stroller.  Although my training for the race didn't go as I had originally planned, I went ahead and ran the race anyway, as I was already signed up.  It was my first race ever with a jogger stroller and it was a great experience.

I had a training plan in place -- and I encourage you to follow one, too -- but I had to stop running altogether two months before race day.  Despite not running for almost two months, I decided to show up for this weekend's race anyhow and loved every minute of it.  I didn't run the entire thing (I made my best effort to run most of it) and I found that what I enjoyed most wasn't racing, but the camaraderie of being out there with runners and walkers just getting outside and moving.

I'm not encouraging you to run your first race without any training, but I'm sharing my story to let you know that you don't have to be an experienced runner to participate in a 5K.
Here's why you should consider running a 5K with your baby, even if you've never run before.  (If you decide to sign up for a 5K race, make sure to check the race regulations to see if strollers are allowed.)

1. 5K races attract both walkers and serious runners.  Every race will have some speedy runners, but the 5K distance is great for new runners and people interested in walking, so if you're feeling nervous about not keeping up, don't worry!  The 5K I ran this past weekend had four waves (term for how they group the race entrants so that the fastest people start at the front of the pack and the walkers get placed at the back) for runners, runners with dogs, and a family/walker wave:

2. Signing up for a 5K will provide motivation to exercise.  Knowing that you have a race coming up will encourage you to get out with baby and the jogger stroller!  If you can, enlist another mama friend with a jogger stroller and do your walks/runs together.

3. If your training goes awry, you can still walk a 5K.  Like the race I ran this past weekend, there will be plenty of walkers.  If you decide to walk, just park yourself at the back of the pack at the race start.  Not only is it good race etiquette, you won't feel pressured to run if you're only prepared to walk the entire race.

4. 5K is a distance you can finish in an hour or less.  If you decide to walk an entire 5K, you should be able to walk the whole race (briskly) in about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes.  As a walker, you'll be in good company in a 5K distance.

5.  It will be an event that you'll remember.  There's baby's first time sitting up, baby's first time standing, and baby's first words!  How many kids can say that they ran their first race with mom when they were a baby?

Have you ever run a 5K?  Did you train or not?  

If you're a seasoned runner, what's your favorite race distance?  Why?

Thursday, May 14, 2015

This and That

I am looking forward to the weekend.  There has been so much going on lately.  Between the THREE hospital appointments for Baby O this week and all the contractors coming by to work on the house (a fresh coat of paint, getting the sprinklers un-winterized, and a new roof!) I've barely had a moment to myself this week.

It's time to sit down with a cup of coffee and just chat about nothing in particular.  I'm linking up with Amanda to shoot the breeze and just share what's on my mind when I'm decompressing...

1. I'm usually a fairly clean eater but lately, I've been craving donuts.  Maybe my body is telling me something?  Like I need more carbs?

2. For the first time ever, we conducted a full-blown spring cleaning.  We've only lived in this house for about two years but we really needed to go through all our belongings and just get rid of stuff.  I even went through the kitchen and ended up cleaning out my spice collection.  I just removed a few odd spices that I've only used once or twice like ground allspice and Chinese five spice (I've learned I really don't like Chinese five spice).

3.  We've finally found a solution to eating dinner at home.  I was really struggling with the challenge of going grocery shopping, prepping dinner, and then cooking it.  I thought I hated all of it, but with our second week of Blue Apron, I've learned something about myself. Apparently, I don't mind cooking and cleanup all that much if someone else does the grocery shopping.  And it doesn't hurt if the food is super delicious.  Points to Blue Apron for introducing me to new foods like hominy and spring pea tips.

4. I'm looking for a few new statement necklaces.  I'm thinking about getting at least one of these:

5. I'm excited to try one of my Mother's Day's gifts: some amazing smelling bath products from Lush.  Have you even tried anything from Lush that you'd recommend?

6. After having a baby, I was excited when I started walking in February.  By March, I was starting to run a bit, too.  Unfortunately, I had to put a hold on my running progress.  I have plans to start running again, but not soon enough, because I have a 5K that I'm supposed to run this Saturday.  Although I'm not ready to run it, I am still planning on going and I'll probably walk it.  Both my husband and I are signed up, so he'll take one kid and I'll take the other.  It's a good thing we have two jogger strollers.

Have you done any spring cleaning?  Do you like going grocery shopping?  Are you doing any shopping to spruce up your wardrobe?
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